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That is why the score should be announced every point. Loud enough for all to hear. Its also why a no call is a bad way to say in, "IN" loud enough to be heard or a clear visual sign that the ball was in that lasts longer than a micron so opposing team can see it.

Worst thing is when partners look at each other for a call and then don't call it and just assume the other team knows it is in or out or whatever their secret eye contact meant to each other.

This is of course nullified when you are playing a person with a low voice, and only one arm. But there partner should do it then. (yes he was real, and quite decent too)

Originally Posted by LeftyRighty View Post
This keeps happening...I hate it..

...When Someone calls your hit IN, then when you trade douce points, they try to cheat by saying they win since that one hit was OUT. wtf!

I hit a ball right on the line and the guy calls it in and says nice shot...Then when he's down and goes to say his points, all of a sudden he's up and now saying that point was out...HATE IT.

It's now been 3 people that have done it, and we argue even when the people watching agree with me.
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