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Originally Posted by 10isfreak View Post
Your trophy pause matters because that's where you are when you begin your swing...
No, the swing begins with the toss and takeback.

B]how you get there HAS ABSOLUTELY NO INFLUENCE WHATSOEVER on what follows.[/B]
Yes it does have an influence. It should be a trophy 'phase' not a trophy pause. you shouldn't be stopping or pausing. You can but then you're losing a lot of things you could be utilizing.

If it doesn't matter and had absolutely no influence on what follows then why don't all the pro's just go straight up directly to a 'trophy pause' like a robot?

It could have an influence if it fundamentally altered the trophy pause, but, as I said, you can get in the exact same position with different movements.
Yes and some movements are better than others.

I'd say it's wise to teach it and dumb to believe it can hurt you.
I see.
How about momentum, looseness of the arm and body, fluidity and smoothness of the stroke? None of that matters going into the position?
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