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Originally Posted by ProgressoR View Post
So now I am facing some better servers and I do chip/slice on my BH but I want to learn to block and drive.

I cannot find any resources on this, well I did find one that looked at Fed's return, and the focus seemed to be on strong shoulder turn in the open stance.

Can anyone offer further practical advice eg

- I currently wait in continental, as I can block my Fh return with that and chip and slice my BH return
- on the 1HBH drive do I need to go all the way to my usual EBH grip or can it be done from conti or slight EBH?
- should I be waiting in EBH?
- is it as simple as strong shoulder turn and getting the legs in the right place?
- my shoulder turn on the BH is not the quickest, any drills I can do to work on this?

thanks all
The best resource I've found was this
Is that what you referred to?

My personal response to your questions:
- wait in an eastern grip (my normal grip modified Eastern), but with a pistol finger form, as I found it facilitates my closing the racket better on contact
- slight ebh
- no, waiting in th efh allows you to simply rotate your shoulders on the fh, but if it is a bh, your other hand has to be on the throat for a fraction of a sec, which facilitates the grip change. Trying to change grip on the fh would slow you down, as it is not part of the stroke, like the supporting hand in the bh
- hmmm...not sure how to answer this. The article I referenced is very good in describing the key elements. I'd say, key are shoulder turn, small swing, thinking more of driving/blocking rather than a full stroke if it is a fast serve, more of a flat type stroke, hitting with less net clearance if you are aggressive on the stroke and moving the right foot (for righties) in the proper manner to land in front
- this I'm curious about too. Personally, lots of shadow swings to practice the turn and grip change at the same time trying to do the whole motion very quickly

Hope that helps
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