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Question Teaching an old dog new tricks

I am on a mission to change the forehand of my 40+ year old wife. Currently she has an old school forehand with a closed stance but she ends up pushing the ball with an open racquet face at contact and is very inconsistent and she wants to change it and improve( I swear, I didn't talk her into it ). So I am trying to get her to hit a more open stance modern forehand. She is a good 3.5 player and in good shape

I am thinking of teaching her an SSC forehand. The reason why I am going for something different from what she's been doing is b'cos she has years of muscle memory on the bad form that both of us find frustrating to correct/change. I am planning to hand feed her balls a couple of times a week and then gradually move her on to the ball machine once her technique improves. I am expecting a 3 month project.

Is SSC forehand a good option for a woman of her age? I would like your opinions on if this is the right approach to take and if not what might be a better one ?
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