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Originally Posted by MomentumGT View Post
Sounds like the mother can/will be a real PITA...but if you feel you can truly help this kid by all means go for it. It will provide you with some good experience in coaching and dealing with crazy parents. Sounds like the mom was trying to tell the world an excuse why her kid got beat down badly.

On a side, I always thought T. Dent was a nice guy...dunno if teaching and being on tour has changed him over the years, but when I played him in the juniors he seemed pretty chill and all the other kids seemed to like him as well.

Yeah i think itll be a good experience. Im sure itll teach me to be patient haha
Anyways, i dont think its Dent completely. He does show a lot of favoritism but maybe something was said out of bounds. The mom is very prideful
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