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I've never known someone to be so bias for one player and hyping non stop. He said we have to put Murray in the GOAT debate and the nodding dog John Lloyd sat next to him even he was taken aback a tad. Lloyd basically is a mouth piece for the BBC he will be mr GB and mr middle of the road.

Andy Castle thinks he is more the leading man, the sex symbol for people over 60, mr daytime tv. He is a safe pair of hands like Lloyd and a ex-player. Thing is he makes atleast two mistakes every match he comms on and the nodding dog beside him lets it go. He also has gotten into the habit of silence whenever Murray is struggling or whispering quietly as he sweats in concern for Murray.

He will also will hype Murray's opponent to sickening levels no matter how good or bad they are or how they play and treat the public like they have never seen a round object being hit with a racquet before in their lives.
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