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Default USTA: Zone Team Selection Process

I had a question and wanted to seek guidance from the forum members. The question is regarding USTA Zone Team Selection Process. (We are part of norcal).

The rule states:

"Players not previously selected that are ranked in the top 5 on the most recently published NorCal Final Ranking Lists (up to 5 players)"

I am assuming "previously selected" in the rule implies members who were selected in 2012. Now, if there are 30 kids who applied for the team selection and 18 were selected and out of the 18 selected ones there are few who were part of the team last year, is the rule still valid?

From the reading of it, the impression I get is that from the remaining 12 kids (the ones that were not selected), the top 5 of them will be given the team slot than the ones who went last year.

Thought let me ask knoweldgable forum members here for their intepretation/clarification of the rule. Thank you.
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