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Originally Posted by MarinaHighTennis View Post
Yeah i think itll be a good experience. Im sure itll teach me to be patient haha
Anyways, i dont think its Dent completely. He does show a lot of favoritism but maybe something was said out of bounds. The mom is very prideful
I've dealt with a very prideful parent a few years ago...and at times undermining what I was trying to coach to their kid. She'd tell me that her girl was going to try out the pro circuit thing and play and dominate in the central and latin american tourneys and all that. The parents have no tennis experience other than through their 2 daughters. I ended up just being a paid hitting partner for her at times, which I was fine with. From what I've heard the kid is burnt out, dropped off her college team, and not playing very much...fell well short of her potential and the parents expectations...poor thing. smh

Sounds like the mom of "your" girl will definitely test your metal. GL
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