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Originally Posted by BlueB View Post
Inconsistent in what? Balls flying long, or directional?
Pushy technique is often more precise directionally... I guess balls flying long due to the open racquet face? Does she play Conti forhand?
Maybe simple solution is just to switch to slightly more closed forehand grip? It naturally induces more spin, forces slightly mre forward contact point, which in turn opens the stance a bit.
In other words, make a small change and let everything fall in place, rather then deconstructing her technique completely. Then a small change again, later, if required...
Both directional and balls flying long. More of the latter. She tends to decelerate the racquet to contact with her very open racquet face to control the ball to keep it in, but this is very inconsistent and her shot going in is a crap shoot at this point. She does hit with a continental grip now.

I tried to switch her to a more eastern to SW grip, but with her current closed stance with the non-hitting hand straight in front of her like most WTA players and the non-hitting hand leaving the racquet early, she more often than not forgets to switch the grip. That lead to a lot of frustration. This is the main reason why I want to try to teach her a more modern forehand which is very different from her old style in a lot of ways. I figured by changing the technique entirely, the old muscle mem interference would be less.

Originally Posted by Lukhas View Post
Please describe SSC forehand. Does it means open/semi-open stance with WW finish? Then yes, there's no age for this. I'd prefer semi-open or in-line stance at first though. More precise.
I would like her to go more open/neutral stance. SSC stands for stretch shortening cycle - more of a Federer style forehand with the ulnar and radial deviation along with proper core rotation (legs->hips->shouler) propelling the relaxed arm resulting in faster racquet head speed and more spin. Here's a video of a girl hitting it I found on youtube : . I'm sure there are plenty of others around.

I figured there are lot of coaches here who have given instructions to older women and might have some insight. If you guys have any opinions please weigh in. Your feedback would be very helpful.
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