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Originally Posted by Bagumbawalla View Post
If you have aproper stroke, the buttcap will "point" toward the ball without any thought or conscious control on your part.

Here's why- when you start the stroke, and begin to pull the racket forward to the ball, the head of the racket (remember inertia and the laws of physics) lags behind-- causing the buttcap to lead the way-- until the head, eventually, catches up to speed and swings around into striking position.

So, my advice-- don't practice pointing the buttcap-- rather, practice hitting a proper stroke. Use the buttcap (if you must) as a check-point (once in a while) just to make sure you are not forcing or over-controling the stroke.
Not necessarily....some people think a proper forehand stroke should be executed with a very strong and stiff wrist so they hit the ball with their arm using only the shoulder as a lever. You gotta use the shoulder, elbow, and the fastest lever of all, your wrist, to really blister a forehand.
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