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Originally Posted by MesQueUnClub View Post
Both directional and balls flying long. More of the latter. She tends to decelerate the racquet to contact with her very open racquet face to control the ball to keep it in, but this is very inconsistent and her shot going in is a crap shoot at this point. She does hit with a continental grip .
My 2 cents are that you need to fix this before ssc will ever be an option. She needs to hit through the ball especially with more modern shots.

There are some vids that show a drill that will fix this. She puts her racquet at the contact point and leaves it there you feed her a ball aimed where she has her racquet and to hit it she HAS to follow through the ball in order to get it across the net.

Not exactly the vid i wanted but close enough

And imo there is nothing wrong with a continental forehand at rec level. Said another way, a person hitting a conti for 20 years will be better than the same person making a transition. My grandma will always be better on a typewriter than an ipad....
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