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Originally Posted by Shroud View Post
My 2 cents are that you need to fix this before ssc will ever be an option. She needs to hit through the ball especially with more modern shots.

There are some vids that show a drill that will fix this. She puts her racquet at the contact point and leaves it there you feed her a ball aimed where she has her racquet and to hit it she HAS to follow through the ball in order to get it across the net.

Not exactly the vid i wanted but close enough

And imo there is nothing wrong with a continental forehand at rec level. Said another way, a person hitting a conti for 20 years will be better than the same person making a transition. My grandma will always be better on a typewriter than an ipad....
Thanks for your input. I get what you are saying but her continental forehand is horrible. I certainly don't want her to go western or anything - just a good eastern to a modified eastern will be good for her. I have tried similar drills but tat doesn't stop her pushing the ball when she does the full stroke.

Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
I recommend shelving the ssc idea.
A more modern forehand is easy enough to learn and will give tons of improvement to her strokes. If she keeps at it and is motivated the ssc might develop naturally from that. Going from an old school forehand and trying to learn ssc is not going to be easy at all. in fact I'd say it would be quite difficult and frustrating.

Working on the semi open stance, swinging across with pronation while keeping the arm and wrist loose will be all you need.
After 6 one hour sessions I finally got her to keep her non-hitting arm on the racquet on take back and then keep it sideways instead of pointing at the net like she did before. I also got her to hit a more open stance consistently. That's as far a we got. So now she has a good take back loop leading the take back with the elbow and the basics of open stance footwork atleast when I am feeding her the ball.

The hard part has been to get her to drop that racquet head a bit and hit through. Instead what she keeps reverting back to is the pushing with her arm to the ball and finishing up about waist high pretty flat. I am at my wits end to get her to finish up at the shoulder and to get her to loosen the death grip on the racquet. Because of this cautious pushing, she is usually late hitting the ball with the contact point way behind where it should be.

So that's when I came up with may be trying the SSC since she has the take back and footwork down and thought may be it will get her swing to without caution and hit through the ball and I don't have to worry about teaching her to finish up high.

Based on your advice is there any videos or specific drills that might help me get her to loosen the grip and swing through instead of just pushing/guiding the racquet through the ball at contact point?
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