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Some very helpful info. Thank you.

Originally Posted by fuzz nation View Post

It sounds like there's too much arming of the ball after an okay setup. I like to promote the thought of a step-and-a-turn for a good move through contact. You could have your wife hold a ball in her racquet hand, take that forehand set position, and use that step-and-turn move with a loose arm to throw the ball and get more used to that feel of driving the move with her lower half.
I think this will help her get the concept and I will get her to do this drill.

Originally Posted by fuzz nation View Post
If she's using a sort of "alligator arm" to swing at some forehands, I try to generally encourage players with that issue to simply get further away from the ball. I might also tell a righty to look at the ball like a clock face and try to hit around the outside of the ball at 3 o'clock (from the hitter's perspective) instead of right through the back of it. That thought can bring much better extension to a developing stroke in a big hurry.

Along with that improved extension, you want to encourage a swing through the ball instead of just to the ball. I love the cue of following through on the forehand side so that the elbow points in the general direction of where the hitter is trying to send the ball. Lots of good things happen with that move in terms of racquet acceleration (instead of deceleration) along with promoting a better shoulder turn through the stroke.
Will try this as well.

I understand your other points and I do sometimes get a little hyper working on too many things at one time and is probably overwhelming her. I will try to keep my enthusiasm in check.
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