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Yeah brilliant book and am only at the middle of it - extremely interesting insights into mid-70's tennis war of organisations such as WCT, Riordan's tour, pre-ATP led by Arthur Ash and ILTF (pre ITF).

What everybody forgot (myself included) is that Connors did win 3 out of 4 Slams in 1974 the year he was banned from the French Open since under contract with another tour manager...and that he did beat Bjorn Borg on Amercian clay at US Open when it took place at Forest Hill. He finished with 8 Slams but did he have played the French Open in the years he was number 1 instead of boycotting it subsequently to his 1974 ban, the story may have been different.

Plus those challenge match between him and Laver at Caesar Palace in Vegas...that's something we miss in today's tennis.

Very exciting, honest and insightful book.
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