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Originally Posted by Rippy View Post
I presume Castle just said "personal life" rather than being more specific, or else the apology would have been more specific I think. (That's just a guess though, I didn't watch it.)
It was reported today that John Lloyd, Andrew Castle's co-commentator during the grasscourt season, relayed Castle's remarks to David Lloyd and as a result the grey fox of British punditry has been sued. And in no time at all, Castle has paid David Lloyd compensation/legal costs for daring to impugn Loyd's reputation on live TV. Here's a joint statement from both parties:

"Mr Castle would like to put the record straight and express again his personal apology to Mr Lloyd. He made his remarks, which were completely without substance, in the hurried exchanges of a live debate. Mr Lloyd has accepted Mr Castle's apology and the payment of damages. Mr Lloyd and Mr Castle are pleased to have been able to resolve matters amicably and now consider the matter to be behind them."

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