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Originally Posted by pushing_wins View Post
whats the most satisfying way to beat a pusher? hit a winner at 85 mph for me.
I prefer building a smart point where I end up just placing the ball in the empty court. I feel it's more satisfying than hitting huge winners because it does to pushers what they are trying to do to you. It's almost arrogant of me, but when an opponent has good footwork or a great forehand or else, I'd like to beat him on his terms.

When you manage to break down the main quality of your opponent, he generally falls apart mentally. Only very competitively minded people hold on despite the very bad situation... and, believe me, even pushers can mess everything up. What happens in your head influences what happens on the court and someone who feels like the match is slipping away and that their game is falling apart will make these two things likelier to happen.

Doing that to a pusher is a wonderful feeling. My friend stopped pushing two years ago when I did exactly that three matches in a row... then he adjusted and the match-up became more even anew, but that's part of the fun, isn't it?

Originally Posted by pushing_wins View Post
however most players cant hit at 60mph. thats why pushers win, i guess.
In the list of things that explain why pushers win, I wouldn't include power. I used to hit much harder than I do now and it never was enough to consistently outplay a good pusher. It was enough to demolish nearly everyone I faced, but not a pusher, which is why I no longer try to tear holes in my opponents by hitting harder.
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