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............What everybody forgot (myself included) is that Connors did win 3 out of 4 Slams in 1974 the year he was banned from the French Open since under contract with another tour manager...and that he did beat Bjorn Borg on Amercian clay at US Open when it took place at Forest Hill.........
What makes you think everyone forgot that? Or maybe I should say how could you for get it? It's one of the best things known about Jimmy. He probably would have won the Grand Slam that year. That's the reason it's unforgettable. We usually are reminded of it when people talk about those who have won THE Grand Slam. They mention the names Budge, Laver, etc. Then they tell about how Connors was cheated or disallowed form a great chance to win it

And yes, he did win a major on clay, so it helps prove that he could have done it in Paris in 1974.
Connors was banned from the French because he was playing World Team Tennis. I think the reason for the ban was it competed with European tournaments in the months right before the French. The people with the power to do it, decided to ban WTT players in hopes it would force them to play Europe rather than WTT. Chris Evert was banned to. Didnt she win the French 7 times?

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