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Originally Posted by ClarkC View Post
Video always looks unimpressive. When you watch tennis from courtside, the ball flies back and forth. When you have a video angle that can capture the whole court, it does not look nearly as fast. I have sat courtside at UVa during the National Team Indoors when the best players in the nation were playing each other, and they look like they are hitting harder than the pros on TV. If I were watching those same pros from the same vantage point instead of watching them on TV, I would think they are hitting harder than the college players.

People who do not understand this always come on here and post their under-evaluations of players based on YouTube videos. They should run a simple experiment: Video one of their club matches, post it on YouTube, and then watch it, switching back and forth to compare to the college videos, women's videos, etc. that they are critiquing. They will be amazed at how slow and weak they look on YouTube compared to how they picture themselves.
You speak the complete truth in your two paragraphs so mich so they should be required reading before watching tennis videos or rating players in videos.
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