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Originally Posted by millardus View Post
So, I've always worked out, and traditionally done quite heavy weights. But right now, it's all doubles tennis and I haven't been in the gym since March!

I'm quite broad shouldered and deep chested, but I'm also just too heavy for good level singles tennis and my belly needs attention. I need to shape up and lose weight for both vanity AND tennis agility!

I'm 1.79 meters, and currently weigh-in at 190lbs. Body fat is about 22%. This is not ideal for tennis OR the beach hahahaha.

The traditional, lean tennis build doesn't really appeal to me because it's not generally a lot of lean muscle. an awful lot of the 5.5 players in my area are very slender, very little obvious *vanity* muscle tone to speak of. Now, I'm not a 5.5, I'm currently around high 4.0 these past few months.

So I want a balance of exercise to suit tennis and generally poncing around during summer. I understand that tennis players do very little on the chest too, and yet I like the idea of a toned chest with lean muscle...... oh vanity why do you loom so superficially in front of me!
  1. What exercise plans can accommodate all of this I ask you...... what?
  2. And, what are your fighting tennis weights out there as well as your build?!?

I'm 6'1 (around 1.85 meters) and I fluctuate between 188 and 192, usually depending on whether I play tennis once or twice per week.

I recently purchased a home and I have a power rack set up in my garage. I used to do only dumbell work, now I have this setup, so I can do full bench.

The more bench and military press work I do, the worse my serve gets, and the more shoulder twinges starts to creep in. I have gone through whole seasons of playing 2 matches per week with a hitting session in addition, and not feeling a single moment of pain in my shoulder.

There are many guys on here that will tell you to steer clear of any movements that might do damage or limit flexibility in your shoulder joint if you are serious about tennis...take a look at most pros, they aren't benching.

However, for us intermediate guys, is doing a set or 2 of bench per week really going to hurt our game? Probably not significantly. It's something you have to weight.

I do think that movements like dumbell flies and dips can tear up your shoulder. Benching isn't as bad as long as you don't use a wide grip.
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