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Good to hear the various 'stories' regarding our obsession. We're culling the herd, as it were, with surplus kitchen ware(I'm a sucker for a bargain on cast iron cookery or knives) and sundry items. First piece of DW's serious antique furniture is going this afternoon...$6600 for a corner chest(a good deal for the neighbor-buyer) will make my racket collection look like a pittance.

I'm finally able to take the photos and will post soon. The hundred--degree weather makes it easier to stay inside to work ;_...otherwise, I have a couple of outdoor projects to complete for the new owner.

I'm down to one road bike, one hybrid(urban assault vehicle) and one legit off-road bike. Won't need a lawn mower, pressure washer, etc etc. Feels weird, but liberating at the same time

The Katie-pup is going about her business...we've dropped the chemo for now, addressing some hip/spine issues. As long as she's pain-free and can 'do her thing', I'm happy to sell whatever I need to in order to keep her that way!

Give your pets at pat from Katie, y'all!!!
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