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Originally Posted by Laney Tennis View Post
@ Hoons54 I just strung up Durafluxx at their recommended tension 52lbs a few days ago and played a match with it and it played remarkably well. Although it felt nothing like alu power or tour bite, I am very satisfied with its performance so far.

Centerforward71 I agree with you saying that "As it lowers and softens spin, power and control all get better." Once the string bed settles, pocketing, spin, control all get better. To me the power started medium low then went to medium high. I am tempted to have a few other players try this out.

I originally wanted to start with the Firewire as I play with cyclone right now but Durafluxx is so much fun right now I want to stick with it for a while.
Laney_Tennis - thanks for reviewing our Durafluxx string. May I ask how you would rate the level of tennis you play? We believe it would give other players a reference point to decide if they should try the string as well. Of course, we understand if you don't want to announce this information publicly.
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