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Originally Posted by Centerforward71 View Post
String tour status at around 50. As it lowers and softens spin, power and control all get better. Durafluxx my current go to string at 48 or so and same thing. Durafluxx is lower powered which is great for me. FireWire is fun, lively but a bit unpredictable for my game although have others who love it.

I have a thread on the multi and how great that plays also. The multi I string at 55 or so.
Tour Status didn't hold tension very well beyond 6 hours for me. i strung it at 49# in a BC20 and it took about an hour to settle in. from hours 2-6, it played really well. after 6 hrs, tension started dropping and i had a hard time keeping the ball inside the baseline.

Like you, i prefer Durafluxx over Tour Status due to the lower power.

FireWire...the first time i strung a full bed of 16g too tight (mid 50#) and it never opened up quite right. the 2nd time, i got the 17g and dropped tension to the 46# and it played alot better. liked it so much i got a reel of this stuff. now i'm using FireWire 17g for mains w/ a round poly. so far have hybrid'd w/ PolyStar Energy crosses at 46/48# and it plays great until the PolyStar loses to much tension at which point i cut it out. will likely try hybrid'g it w/ WC Silverstring crosses at 46/45 next as SS holds tensions alot better.
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