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Originally Posted by Laney Tennis View Post
TierOneSportsOfficial maybe you can help here. I've strung up the Durafluxx at 52lbs and its playing really well, my normal tension with cyclone and BHBR is 55-57lbs What tension would you recommend that I string the Firewire at?

To answer your question on my rating, to me NTRP is very subjective. Those that play in the USTA will understand what I mean. For those that are interested, I have done a few reviews for Wilson, Luxilon and most recently Volkl, but most of all I am a string enthusiast that enjoy working with players at all levels to optimize their gear so they can focus on technique and solid fundamentals.
Laney Tennis - Based on the information that we collect from our customers we believe T1 Firewire is a more lively string than Durafluxx. Often, players with high racket speeds make a judgement about a string by how well they can control the ball. For those players I would recommend string Firewire 1-2 lbs higher than Durafluxx. For players who look for more power I would recommend staying closer to 52-50 lbs. That said, if you like Durafluxx at 52 lbs I would give Firewire a try at 54-55 lbs.
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