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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
Every coach and parent does this....but give us details. Have you been around a lot of 11-12 girls and seen the dynamic? The social media available, peer pressure, early puberty, melo drama, and on and on and on? Seen the dynamic of the majority of soccer girls and softball girls and tennis girls who reach that age and joke around and socialize at mid field or court? Imagine paying a coach $75/hour for that, along with other tennis expenses.

I would LOVE to wave a magic wand and succeed in demanding a tennis girl at age 11-12 do this or that or the other. We have pretty much tried everything. But today's girls as they hit or approach puberty are amazing forces of nature.

But give us specifics.....what would you do when the girl's that age kid and joke and have low energy for tennis and have their mind's focused on some drama at school? Ground them, yell at them, forced laps....rewards.....punishments? Have you had success with that approach?

I am interested in your reply to see if I can apply your ideas to the realities of today's 11-12 year old girls. We all want to keep them away from drugs, etc. But please elaborate on your experiences motivating 11-12 year old girls to specifically work hard at tennis.

TCF do you charge kids to play in your group?

I have succeeded in forming two groups (of 4) for my two kids a mini tennis academy. I would like to charge $100 each for the six other kids per day (at least three hours of tennis) but many times they are freebies. Some of the cost goes to new cases of balls, paying top HS kids and college players to hit with them. I have noticed when money is involved it takes the fun and motivation away. When there is no money involved it is just pickup whoever shows up but I still have to pay for expenses, how are you doing it?
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