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Originally Posted by pushitgood View Post
Say you have a 3.0 and a 4.0 playing together. What formations, strategies or tactics tend to work best? Are there any simple things that the 3.0 can be taught to do in a relatively short amount of time, so that they can be an asset to the team rather than a liability? The 4.0 is fit and has good court coverage, but doesn't have superhuman speed.
Depends on what they do well, but I tend to put the weaker player at net as
much as possible unless they just really can't volley. That way they get a chance
to do good, but shouldn't cause too much trouble. If you come to net with
them, the other team will just hit at them or lob, but if you stay back, then
often they have to avoid a net man who is close to net, which leads you to
get most of the balls. By getting most of the balls to the better player, gives
you a hitter's chance to move them around and force some errors.
No great way to cover a weak player, but this is really the only way to have a

Sometimes the weaker player has solid groundstrokes, so then your options open up
more, but they still they will go for the weak player anytime they need
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