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Originally Posted by newpball View Post
Telling kids to do homework first is teaching them discipline, and academics should be hard and demanding, if it is not then put them in an after school program.

It seems we simply have to agree to disagree on this.
I pretty much used this with 2 of my 3 kids, to good results!
The other one just always begged to play with no effort from me.

I told them learning at school and working at a sport was developing mind &
body .... something our family will always do.
I told them tennis is what they would do unless they picked another sport out
of a love for it and if they did that would be great...because it helps greatly if
they take ownership, along with learning with a personal interest.
I picked tennis was our default sport since we had the equipment & the knowledge
in house, but we could branch out if they had a sincere interest in another sport!

For my part, I kept the focus on fun and learning, with very little concern for
winning or even competition. Imo learning would lead to being pretty good and
being good tends to lead to fun. Fun tends to lead to learning and it becomes
a cycle that has worked well for us, but did take patience on my part.
You do have to be willing to prime the pump!
None of them have beat Federer yet though, lol.
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