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The Palm Beach Story (1942) - dir by Preston Sturgess, nice romantic comedy.

The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) - delightful sci-fi about aliens who land in Washington with an urgent message. I enjoyed it much more than today's gimmicky sci-fi movies.

Originally Posted by Mike Bulgakov View Post
Sentinel, you seem to be watching many classic films. In the last few weeks, I have watched some classic films from my DVD collection. Have you seen The Third Man, Topaz, The Fireman's Ball, Ballad of a Soldier, or The Cranes Are Flying?
I have just started watching films recently. Otherwise I never used to watch them unless it was LOTR or some sci-fi which was like once in 2 years.

Yes, i saw The Third Man recently, loved it. Not heard of the others, will check out. Thanks for the suggestions.
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