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Originally Posted by RogueFLIP View Post
ACL surgery is an ELECTIVE surgery.

There's no way to know if by not getting the surgery, that down the road you'll develop arthritis because your knee has been traumatized which has possibly planted the seed of OA. Plus because a main stabilizer of the knee is gone, your body will have to compensate with other parts to order to maintain the stability of the knee, which may add to compression forces which could possibly contribute to the development of OA.

But that's not to say that by getting the ACL reconstructed that down the road you WON'T get any OA, again your knee has been traumatized, now twice - once for the initial injury and another for the surgery. Again, that in of itself may have planted the seed for OA.

Don't give into the fear of other people telling you oh you might hurt something by stepping off the curb or stairs bc you don't have an you can't do with a knee that has an ACL?

You're not feeling any instability with your knee at this moment which is good. Bc if you were, then the surgery wouldn't even be questioned.

The question you have to ask yourself is can I tolerate being out a good 6 months minimum from all sports activities because that's the time frame for the rehab. 6 months MINIMUM. And that's just the time frame. I'm not going to get into how much work it is in this post.

yeah.. i don't mind being out for 6 months.. i don't like it but i have to do it for my knee..
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