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Default Finally, evidence that the 1hbh can do something better than the 2hbh: topspin

In the Wimbledon 2013 match when Gasquet played Tomic, a stat came up showing that Gasquet hits 48% of his topspin backhands with more than 3000rpm's of topspin. Obviously, this was recorded on grass as well - a lower bouncing surface where Gasquet might be inclined to hit flatter than usual.

I can't tell you how long I've been waiting for this stat - the stat compilers seem to think that all we want info on is Nadal's forehand and Federer's forehand like they're the only shots that exist.

Anyway, to contrast, that stat shows that Gasquet's average backhand is hit at around the same spin as Nadal's average topspin forehand which sits at 3300prm's. And the bulk of Tomic's (two-handed) backhands were hit with less than 1000rpm's of topspin.

Now it could be (and it probably is) the case that Gasquet hits an especially spinny 1hbh, but do you guys see any 2hbh players getting as high in the rpm stakes with their 2hbh as Gasquet's backhand (and, by extension, Nadal's forehand)? Would it even be possible for them to do so?

If we could compile an average rpm list of the topspin backhands of Gasquet, Wawrinka, Almagro, Youzhny, Federer and Haas and compare it to Murray, Djokovic, Gulbis, Nalbandian, Nadal, Berdych - which group do you think would have the higher average and peak topspin rpm?
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