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I certainly feel as though I can produce a lot of topspin with my one-hander, but I'm generally more comfortable with that style of stroke. Not trying to be a complete buzz-kill, but I try to avoid arguing the superiority of one style vs. another. Even if the one-hander has some empirical advantage for spin potential, that's no help for someone who is clearly more comfortable and competent with a two-hander.

Yes, I use a relatively extreme forehand grip with a vertical swing path, so it felt natural to me to replicate that vertical swing path on the backhand side - and the best way to do that was to use a 1-hander with an extreme grip. It seems you just have to swing more linearly with a 2hbh.

With so many pro's (and even recs) now looking to spin the ball as much as possible on the fh side (which is why the average fh grip is now semi-western instead of eastern) - we are now seeing pretty much the same shot combinations - heavy topspin forehand, and flat two-handed backhand. This means everyone ends up having the same strengths and weaknesses off both wings, homogenizing the tour - which is why it's great when you see a spanner in the works such as Tomic with his super-flat forehand, or Gasquet/Wawrinka/Almagro with their topspin-monster backhands.
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