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Originally Posted by zaskar1 View Post
i bought the intro 3 poly set in the the 17G, put the tour status in my racquet and the firewire in my wifes.
i use a hybrid setup 52 poly/ 56 nxt in my blx blade 98, she has 58/62 hybrid with the firewire in her exo3 black

i usually use rpm blast, have it in my other racquet,
played a few hours, could not tell the difference.
she says it plays just like the prohurricane/nxt setup that is in her other racquet. she really isnt that paticular, only restringing when the strings are completely dead or broken.

so i just bought a reel of the tour status, as it is much less than a reel of rpm blast. i think even if it wasnt at the intro price, its a good deal

to the blue quoted text

and yeah, no kidding she ain't particular to the red quoted text
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