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Default Etiquette Question

Hello, I started up playing 6 months ago and have progressed rapidly, thanks in no small part to this forum (I lurk). Anyway, I began playing with 3.0 dudes in the winter and this season started playing in two 3.5 singles leagues. I haven't lost yet and am mowing these guys down consistently losing only 0-3 games per set. Today I pounded some poor guy 22 games to none in 1:15 and neither one of us enjoyed it.

I didn't intentionally sandbag so I could win...I just didn't really know where I belonged, rating-wise.

So there's another month to go in these I ******* these guys off? Should I take some games off, give away points? Should I extricate myself from the leagues? Anyone faced this situation?

For sure next season I will play in 4.0 leagues.
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