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no right answer.
i never say anything like that unless its asked. If its a true slaughter nothing needs said. if you were able to take advantage of something than the person probably knows and if not should ask. unsolicited advice is just patronizing. only time ill say its okay is if its not advice but observation of some minor tweak the player could have done to beat you, the nit essentially become a compliment bc you are acknowledging it was close and they could have won, but even then its cool not say anything.

had a guy once keep hitting to my forehand and i was killing him with it. i felt so bad i wanted to pause the match and even ask him why he wasn't hitting more to my backhand? he didn't otherwise seem like he couldn't if he wanted too. but that would have been patronizing and rude during and would have been patronizing and rude afterwards too. didn't say good match said "thanks for the match" i meant it and no more was said....
I think it depends on the context.

Many of my opponents have given me advice after a competitive match when playing up and I never took umbrage. I have even had officials give me unsolicited advice post match.

The advice has always come after I was beaten thoroughly when playing up or if I won but double faulted an excessive amount.

I think they recognize I am a new player and genuinely want to help. most people do especially if it costs them nothing.

One older fellow in DC gave me an impromptu lesson on volleying after I volleyed very poorly in a match against him but still won. It was kind of cute.

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