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He didn't win, blamed his mental, blamed the grass courts, blamed himself, blamed about everything in the world. He's like a (lesser) Tomic: very talented, but with a d!ck instead of a brain. Nobody likes him. Well, French people don't like anyone anyway. When they read Gasquet's interview whoch was IMO pretty fair to Tomic who played greatly, they're all "he has no mental, he's always tired, he'll never win anything". What they do to Bartoli is what American people do to the Williams in terms of badmouthing, if not worse. But when any French player gets a good win "see I told you he was great". He indeed is a d0uche, but he perfectly reflects the French mentality. D0uchebag for a country of d0uchebags, perfectly reflects the mentality here. No wonder Cantona didn't want to put his feets in France to play football ever again.

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