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Originally Posted by Topspin Shot View Post
Do you have any proof of this stat, or is it as reliable as your avatar that shows Nadal standing 50 million kilometers behind the baseline to return serve? Oh, and Tomic won the match.
1). No, I'm not going to take a screenshot of the stat on TV, and upload it just to satisfy your cynicism - anyone who say BBC commentary of the match will have seen it and can confirm.

2). Don't hate on my avatar.

3). I didn't even get into the argument of whether the 2hbh is 'better' than the 1hbh or not (which Tomic winning the match wouldn't have even proved, as I'm sure Roddick has also beaten Gasquet - does that prove he must have a better backhand?) - I merely suggested the 1hbh is better at one facet of stroke production: topspin.
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