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"Both a topspin shot and a flat (no-spin) lob will bounce high. However, one will bounce high because of spin, and one will bounce high just because it had a big distance to fall from.

Hitting topspin your racket face should be closed - but it's hard to exactly know if your racket face is closed at contact without filming yourself in slow-motion HD and replaying it.

So the way to know that you're hitting topspin and not merely spinlessly lobbing is if your shot skims the net by an inch or so, yet bounces 8ft high in the air when it lands - it's heavy topspin. If it clears the net by 16ft, and bounces 8ft high, you dinked a lob.

With really heavy topspin, your shot can barely skim over the net, yet bounce way over someone's head when it bounces."

Maybe the potshot about your avatar was a little out of line, but what I don't like to see on the boards is misinformation that will confuse people new to tennis who actually want to learn the game and will believe anything they see on here. Maybe your statistic about Gasquet's topspin is real, and maybe it isn't, but you have posted things like what I've copied and pasted above that are 100% BS. I don't want people new to tennis to hurt their development trying out things that aren't real. I don't want beginners insisting on learning a 1 hander that may or may not be right for them assuming that with it, they'll get great spin.

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