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Originally Posted by Florico View Post
It's totally false! This family isn't rich. The true story is that Paire has stopped tennis some month when he was younger and a friend of his family propose him to pay one year in a tennis school of is choice. Paire chose a tennis school and continue tennis. I'm french and i'm from Avignon so i know the story better than some people of the forum who are in my opinion too categoric about french mentality...
Il a quand même une quille à la place du cerveau... Bon, comme la majorité des personnes qui croient s'y connaitre parce-qu'ils lisent L’Équipe (faut voir les commentaires)... Faudrait pas qu'il se réveille trop **** le garçon.

Anyway, and by risking to be a broken record, he spends to much time complaining. His mental is failing him much more than his tennis.
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