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Originally Posted by Sumo View Post
I tore my ACL at 21 in my first rugby game my sr year.
It took about 6 months and 5ish doctors to diagnose it. Which means I lived without an ACL for quite some time. I went skiing/snowboarding and tried other sports, but never felt right, which is why I went back to the doc.
I had the surgery, and can't imagine life without having done it.
12yrs later, my "repaired" leg is just as strong as my other leg, and I never think about my knee when doing anything. I have never been limited doing anything because of the knee, this includes tennis, bball, rugby, skiing, soccer, you name it.
I would say if you have any issues at all with the knee to go for surgery. It has advanced so much that it really isn't even a big deal anymore, and 6 months rehab is nothing, if you don't have to think about it going forward.
Thanks, I am planning to go to another doctor in couple of days.

Which acl graft did you use? both the doctors i visited suggested if i have to go for surgery, cadaver graft works for me..
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