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Originally Posted by RiceWithThat View Post
I'm a 40yo female and tore my ACL in April playing tennis. I also had a tibia contusion form the force of the rupture and a minor lateral meniscus tear.

Did you see an orthopedist or a GP? My MRI was read by three different radiologists, and only one recognized that my ACL was torn (complete). My GP claimed my ACL seemed fine after his exam, but an orthopedist was able to notice the tear on his exam.
I'm not surprised with the confusion. I don't know too many GP's who are familiar with most of the "special tests" that orthopedist's do. Well, familiar, maybe, but experienced, maybe not so much.

But even ortho's can be wrong. Just don't tell them that.
Ortho referred me a young kid with a "knee strain". Parent said ortho cleared knee, everything was intact. Ortho contradicted what was on MRI report of ACL tear. Now, I'm not a radiologist, just a lowly physical therapist, I'm not great at reading films, but even I could see the gap where the ACL was missing. And my exam also confirmed the tear. But the ortho was having none of it. "I've been doing this for 30 years, 1000s of patients, surgeries, yadda, yadda....the kid doesn't have a tear".

Always get a 2nd or 3rd opinion if something doesn't feel right.

Originally Posted by RiceWithThat View Post
I just had the reconstructive surgery two weeks ago. I decided to do it because I want to continue to play tennis, which because of the movements specific to the sport really shouldn't be played without an ACL.

I was pretty worried about the surgery, but I am glad I did it, happily reporting that I have been walking, almost normally, for several days now. I am really amazed at how quickly I am recovering from this procedure.
Getting back to normal activities of daily living shouldn't take that long. Regaining the strength and proprioception awareness of a sport, THAT'S where the time comes into play.

Hope you found a good physical therapist, don't rush the rehab, and I hope you have a speedy recovery. Good luck.
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