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Ok, I've just measured my newly bought (used) CTS Response MP, L3, strung with dunlop syn gut 1.30 at 57lbs, dampener, Wilson Cushion Aire Sponge and Gamma overgrip. The bottom of the handle (not sure if I can call that a buttcap) was partially broken, so I rebuilt it with durepoxi (about 2g max).

headsize: 100 sq in, most likely
weight: 365g
balance: around 32 cm
swingweight: ???
stiffness: ???

About 4 grommets are kind of broken, but I think they'll last for now. Next time I get it strung I'll see if the stringer can replace them individually.

The racquet was actually a bit shorter than 27". Even though it wasn't a noticeable difference, I decided to remove the pallet (Split the grip cushion system lengthwise with a razor knife, pretty easy to do) and replace it a bit lower by adding some tape inside the "buttcap". Now it's 27".

I'll try to give some feedback once I actually play with it, but it's one of the best looking racquets I've seen. The double bridge looks pretty cool when the sunlight catches it.
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