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Yes, Gasquet is not as extreme as Henin, but I think calling it "conservative" is just as misleading. It's still a pretty "strong" grip compared to a lot of pros, and certainly stronger than what beginners usually learn, from what I've seen.

I think it's reasonable to say Dimitrov, Wawrinka and Federer use more conservative grips than Almagro/Gasquet. So I think it's useful to maintain the distinction.

But ultimately, a 1-dimensional scale of extremeness is problematic and subjective (as far as I've seen). For example, if someone uses a grip where their knuckle and their heel pad are both on bevel 8 (as some rec players use) then there will be a very obtuse angle between racket and angle, yet should that still be described as "conservative"? What about Tommy Haas, who has a pretty tight angle at contact, yet his knuckle is in the mild-Eastern/continental position?

Btw, Almagro and Gasquet are hitting balls around their kneecaps so I'm not sure how much weight to place in these particular pics.
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