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Originally Posted by dknotty View Post
Is that with a big bucket of balls, and serve a few hundred at a time? I think I have the basics, may need to work on the toss but I'll post a video in due course.
Personally, serving to an empty court with buckets of balls doesnt help my game. In fact, Ive gotten frustrated and come off the court after doing this feeling I've taken a step back with things more often than not. I overthink things to much when working on it by myself, and I end up getting consumed in this, trying to hard and frustration spirals out of control. And I get damn sore at the same time after wacking 100's of balls.

I have achieved the biggest inroads in improving my serve from two situations:
- when there is someone around to offer feedback (a coach or hitting partner)
- in a game or mini game situation, where the focus is more on placement/tactics rather than concsiously self-anaylsing technique (I know playing serve/volley always naturally increases me serve consistency as it gets me moving into the court).

My serve is easily the strongest part of my game now. These are just my own experiences, but you might find merit in them. Good luck
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