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Journey Into Fear (1943) - Orson Welles and his faithful Joseph Cotten. A spy movie, Natzi spies trying to kill an American engineer (JC). The overweight assassin with largish glasses looks he could not harm a fly let alone pull a trigger. Totally cute. The plot is unconvincing mostly, there are about a dozen times when JC can be killed but the assassins don't. They wait for the end of the movie to make their attempt ! One wonders how the ship is any safer than the train JC was to take.
The scrambling on the hotel ledge while it was pouring looked like fun.

Misery (1990 ) - A Stephen King psycho/horror movie, Kathy Bates does quite a good job and I was not surprised to just read that she won an acad award for her role. However, the movie seemed to me to be more of a low budget made-for-TV film to me. Btw, KB played Gertrude Stein in Midnight in Paris.
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