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Default Dealing with an opinionated partner!

Hi all

A very good friend of mine just started playing his first dubs in 4-6 month yesterday (he doesn't enjoy dubs much, and has been injured), with me at a tournament. We are equal in ability, but in doubles I do play at a higher level due to my serve. He is better at singles.

However, this does not stop him advising me on every single serve, what to do. Even if I hit an ace, his first comment will be *slow it down* or *don't tire yourself*. This may sound like helpful advice, but when my serve is considered in the top 3 at a club of 500 players, I eventually get extraordinarily irritated by him and his constant *coaching* and *advice*

Conversely, his serve is actually rather weak (getting better though), and he is currently just rolling it in. Perhaps this last bit shouldn't matter, but it's the irony of continually advising me on what to do, with what is my best shot by far, that irritates!

I've told him today to just STOP doing it, because my rhythm and confidence is being stunted by the continual chatter, but he just considers it *constructive advice*, whereas I consider it overtly intense and energy sapping!

Perhaps it should not annoy me soo much, but because I have pride in my serving I can do without all the comments, continually! I am talking after or before every single serve he will say something.

Here is the link to me serving in a match. It only shows some of my good serves, but it IS reflective because I rarely lose my serve in doubles.....I may serve 3-4 doubles in 2 sets but I will gather far more winners that that in return.

Do I just stop partnering him? He's a very good mate, but I am currently about to tell him in a joking way,

*Look, we're great mates, but on court we just don't gel well. I am a relaxed and languid kinda guy, you are quite an intense tennis player, AND we're such good friends that you are more willing to advise me on court than other people who you don't know soo well.... You know me by now, we're not a good on court marriage!*
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