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Default Rolling vs SWINGING over the back of the ball.

Long story short, I had a booming forehand at age 14-16. Completely lost it after taking a year off of tennis. Upon returning I tried the whole rolling over the back of the ball. That DOES NOT work if you are purposely trying to move the wrist and roll over it. Disaster. Inconsistent. I regained my form last night, cracking winners again. 1) keep grip and arm loose throughout the swing. 2) drag the racket towards the ball, in a low to high manner. 3) SWING, not roll with wrist, over the back of the ball. When I SWING over it with a loose grip, it gives you the correct feel of the forehand. Wrist does nothing. Is passive. Your entire swing however can start lower, at contact yur perpendicular, and be a great shot. Does anybody else feel this way? Rolling with the wrist being bad, but you can swing, as a unit, over the ball to have a fast heavy spin forehand? Almost like, swinging low-to-high AND out. Not just low to high. Comments?
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