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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
Since the return is the second-most important stroke in the game, isn't this a HUGE disadvantage for the 1 hander?
All two handers aren't Agassi, Djokovic or Ferrer either returning in no-man's land. Federer was making it work against Roddick of all players. Especially since you need that extra step to get the ball. You can just slice the ball back or block it, there's nothing wrong with that. Heck, you can even return much further behind the baseline, a lot of players do it against big servers whatever the backhand. Gasquet loves to do it since it allows him to take a full swing and if possible initiate a BH rally. It's hard to attack a slice, and you gain time from doing so. If your opponent has exceptional transition game, a hard serve and good volleys, he's probably better than you are, whatever his backhand. And you have no business hitting against him.
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