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Omg LeeD and Kilco get a room boys and make up

Kinda agree with Kilco and others, get your consistancy happening on your ball toss..Don't mess with that.. Yes LeeD, deception is very important, and is probably an undervalued concept at many rec and club levels, but the toss should be consistant, remember we have many variations with slice, top spin, flat and combinations of them all.. I think a inconsistant and changing ball toss height would be hard to get spot on, and a give away to be honest...

Coming back to tennis, use to have the big high toss, got rid of it a couple of weeks ago, so much more consistant in first and second serves now with a lower toss, and it is EASIER TO REPEAT , thats the key thing for me here.. For the rec and club player might be worth considering if u are struggling with serve..
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