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Well, bought 6 sets of PPA 17 for 45€, 7.50€ per set. Don't know when I'll put it on the frame, maybe when the Tecnifibre S-gut breaks, who knows? Or when I'm fed up with that fishnet of a string. Sucks we don't have reels at decent prices. 172/190€ for a reel, seriously? That's the price of Premier LT... The site where I bough the sets gives the reel of 16 for... 144€. Which means a bit less than 8.50€ for 17 sets. Seriously˛ (seriously squared)? 7.50€ a set would mean 127.50€ for a reel of 17 sets...

And now the review of the infamous Prince Original S-Gut Duraflex:

Interestingly enough, Mark does mention Gosen OG Sheep Micro as an underrated s-gut.

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