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Originally Posted by millardus View Post
Do I just stop partnering him? He's a very good mate, but I am currently about to tell him in a joking way,

*Look, we're great mates, but on court we just don't gel well. I am a relaxed and languid kinda guy, you are quite an intense tennis player, AND we're such good friends that you are more willing to advise me on court than other people who you don't know soo well.... You know me by now, we're not a good on court marriage!*
There's a guy at my club who is, without a doubt, the best doubles player we have. His serve is real good, his hands at the net are unbelievable, his movement & intensity are top notch, but his service return is 50% at best.

For me, my serve is solid, and I barely miss a return of serve, but my volleys can get shaky (I'm more defensive than offensive).

You'd think we would be a good pairing as he can pick me up in the volley department, and I can keep us in a return game. However, I don't partner with the guy anymore because has no patience for me when I miss an easy volley. He literally gets angry, and that does nothing for my confidence. What drives me crazy is we will have a return game go 10 minutes because I'm smacking returns back for winners, or setting him up for an easy put-away volley, but he's missing his returns outright, yet I don't get on him for missing easy 2nd serve returns.

So, I guess what I'm saying is, if its not a good pairing, then tell him so. Maybe don't criticize him about his coaching, just tell him you don't think you make a good team.
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