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Originally Posted by ark_28 View Post
So my forehand has always been a strength but my one handed backhand has been a bit lightweight to compete with really good players from the baseline, so I have been developing my two hander and am not confident enough to use this in match play.

I have been working hard at my footwork whether I hit a forehand or backhand and getting back to the centre of the baseline right after hitting my shot.

I love to be aggressive and my footwork has improved lots but sometimes when I lose concentration I find myself getting pushed back behind the baseline and I have to switch back on and remember to keep on top of the baseline, are there and good drills or ways to stop myself getting pushed back?

Against good players it can happen but sometimes in my case it is against players that I end up beating but just go through periods in the match where I zone out get pushed back then have to pump myself up to control the baseline again.

Any tips would be great guys
This is wrong. When you initiate a cross-court rally, the ball has much more chances to come back cross court. Why? Because the net is lower. Because it's much easier to hit a ball from where it came. Because the angles are also bigger to work with. Basically, it's the high percentage play. So in fact, you should not recover to the middle of the court. You still should recover, but stay a bit more towards the side where you were hitting, so that you're not in the middle of the court, but more or less two steps towards the area you're recovering from.

It also means than when you receive a cross-court ball, it will also be easier to put it cross-court than DTL because you don't have as much court to cover from an eventual cross-court reply (high percentage) that would force you to cover all the way from the BH side to the FH side. With exceptions of course. You may be inclined to change direction of the CC rally if your BH or FH is better than your opponent BH or FH. Basically, if you're Murray, you're not going to trade BH with Gasquet, because even if your BH is your best shot, it's Gasquet on the other side, so it makes no sense to go for a BH rally, you're gonna loose. But going FH to FH would be more clever, because even if Gasquet has a decent enough FH, your forehand is likely better than his FH. That what he did in Miami, yet Gasquet was injured and waiting for the match to end after the first set.

And about controlling the baseline...

Unless you're even a budget version of Agassi or even Ferrer, taking half volleys on the baseline is not going to work a lot. It's crazy hard. It doesn't mean you have to rally from the backyard either of course.

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